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Azaria and the Stars

Apr 20, 2018

Originally posted on: Dad-a-base. Before our planet formed, before our sun was born, there in the infinite darkness of space, lived Azaria. Azaria couldn’t remember how long she’d been there,...

Songs for Ezekiel

Apr 18, 2018

Originally posted on: Dad-a-base. Once there was a little boy named Ezekiel. Before Ezekiel was born, his parents planted a tree deep in the big forest next to town to...

Bumper Sticker Politics

Mar 28, 2018

Bumper Sticker Politics On my way back to work, I noticed a car in from of me with a bumper sticker printed with the following, “Government is the problem, not...

Welcome to My Blog!

Mar 20, 2018

What are you doing with your life? No, this isn’t a self referencing question in which I’m going to wax about my goals and goings-on. I’m asking you, reader, what...

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